Zodiac Sign Match: How to Find Out if an Aries Woman Likes You?

April Anne M. Nemenzo
2 min readMay 14, 2022

By April Anne Nemenzo

This might be your chance to get your the one. Does an Aries woman finds you fit for her?

Wondering how an Aries woman would react to your romantic moves? She might sometimes act like a cold and unapproachable person. Once you get to know her, maybe you’ll be able to notice the three indications that she might also have feelings towards you.

#1 Aries woman would always find time for you.

This zodiac sign has difficulties spending time with other people especially when a man is going out of their way just for love. They are passionate about what they do and always find time to be productive. So, they would be busy with anything with a tendency that they can easily forget…but would never forget the ones who they find interesting. When they find the right person they would always find time towards that person.

#2 If she relies to you then you’re special to her.

One of the traits of a woman with a zodiac sign of Aries is being independent. She has the confidence to work things out on her own. Asking for help with other people would be a ‘miracle in disguise’ or if she did she might like and enjoying your company.

#3 When she’s showing her vulnerable and playful side

There will be times that her feelings towards you have already developed that you won’t notice it. When an Aries woman starts to act out of her comfort zone like being playful or vulnerable for example requesting to open a bottle for her. She already has decided to give back the feelings in return, it means that she feels butterflies when you’re around.

The personality of Aries is not for the faint of heart because they have a tight relationship with themselves — but not too much to be narcissistic. Once you find a woman that you want to set your heart on, remember that an Aries woman will show you those the aforementioned signs if she really does have feelings for you. But don’t forget to ‘read between the lines’ because her other personality might mix up with what she really felt for you.



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