Undefined: No Turning Back


I hope someday my parents would be proud of me,

Cause I’m tired everyday felling trying to be,

To be that someone I can prove who I am,

Is this really what I want to become?

Believe it or not, I am this jolly.

But deep inside me, questioning, “how can I make my parents happy?”

Burden I feel, they don’t push to me,

I just want to prove something for their sacrifice of me.

But how can you prove yourself?

Finding a way to do that has never been easy,

Now I’m still figuring out… I’m on third already.

Why is having decision this hard to be, really?!

Just like how I wrote this poem,

I still don’t know where I want to go,

So many paths ahead of me,

Is this really what I want to be?



April Anne M. Nemenzo

Conquering literacy world with life transpire. Writer of life content and interested on straight facts. Learn and read from "wisdom" life about.