Sooner or Later

Main thing I remember before leaving the life in Baguio is how we spend the whole day feeling glad to come home — exhaustion and rushing just to run away from school responsibilities. The strong breeze following the sound of the bus coming back and forth trip. Going back, I reminisce the time I stood there with my cousin, just seizing the moment just like the other student. I never knew that would be the last time, that the moment I spend with my SLU friends is in the hallway laughing together.

Running towards my friends. The feeling of getting caught by guard knowing I only wear lace. Being busted wearing the skirt that I try hard to hide from the guard. Catching my breath, going to first class on the 7th floor, and saying “hi” to my classmates along the hallway. Walking the steep stairs of abortion to buy fruits outside, and the list goes on. Scrolling down my phone, remembering these moments I had with my SLU buddy is what I’m longing for. All memories were carved from all these moments remain in my heart. As I look back before I rest my foot on Baguio, I never knew this would only take me not less than a year to be there pursuing my dream. The burning feeling inside, craving for more moments that I hope I would have spent when I’m around the school.

Who would want to see those eyes that are happily roaming around the building of each school? And the feeling of returning to where we ended. However, it’s a long way to go. Seeing our friends online is the “new normal,” but what I anticipate more is the feeling of seeing each other and had this excitement of thought “where to go next after the class?” … Then some other time we walk through the canteen with my best friends promise to spend only for “turon” (sweetened wrapped banana) that cost 20 pesos but eventually spend more than that.

How long should we wait for all of these to happen again? I miss every bit of these souvenirs of face-to-face encounters. Saint Louis gives me the memories of freshmen months where we spend time watching different events. An incredible experience created by the school faculties and senior years. During intramurals days, I can’t get enough that the players are more anticipated than the actual play. Some even wait until the last game to take a picture together with their favorite player — feeling like high school, but it’s a cute yet cringe feel.

Many things to look back and could have been more memories that keep coming if ever this year never turn out like this. More laugh has been held. More hugs have been felt. More cry from surprise quizzes. More OSA experience for latecomers and “ID lost” alibi moment. Since we had a short time together — especially for us 2019–2020 freshman, I can’t wait to smell the fresh breeze of Baguio while listening to the water pouring from the fountain area of the school joined by reading your lessons or favorite books and the aesthetic view of the sky comforts me.

Fast forward today; we’re still stuck in our cage. Feeling like we can’t reach each other again. As much as we look forward to seeing the light after these years of feeling hopeless, we still should instill the safety of each other. We must comply and see to it that someday the Saint Louis University welcomes each student once more, and each of us can run again towards our friends awaiting from the open gate.

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April Anne M. Nemenzo

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